Wanted for Arson --

 Wanted for Arson  --

NOT for Secretary of State



Rex W. Tillerson

President and chief executive of Exxon Mobil.

Nominated by Donald Trump  for Secretary of State

Burn one home, you’ve prison years to count.

Burn our common home, the Planet Round –-

With billions in your bank account,

It’s to High Office that you’re bound.

If you believe that world-wide arson is a crime:

1) Turn the upper part of this message into a poster and the whole thing into a flyer (adding a local contact); gather others; and picket a high-visibility Exxon station in your community.
 2) Call 202-224-3121, ask for each of your Senators, and urge them to refuse confirmation of Tillerson to be Secretary of State. Ask the offices for their fax numbers and send a letter of your own to each Senator.
3) Invite your friends and neighbors for a conversation about forming a neighborhood solar-energy co-op. Click to  <http://communitypowernetwork.com/> and

    <http://nwphillysolarcoop.com/about/> for more information

4) Please drop us a note at Office@theshalomcenter.org about what you are doing, and please contribute to support our work.       Click on the maroon "Contribute" banner on the left margin of this page.

5)  Forward this message to your friends and community leaders.


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about Rex Tillerson

Dear Arthur, I rarely write comments but I want to ask you to change a bit from who you have been. Your mind is deep and thoughtful and often angry. That anger may be just but may not be helpful for the stage the world is now in at this moment. The use of the words arson and polarizing to the far angry left seems to just keep the cycle of dismissal on both sides happening. Just getting the regime that will be in power to acknowledge climate change is actually where the reality is. Forget for now getting the viewpoint of stopping oil production and use and back it down many notches. Your second and third suggestions fit into the more centrist ways of helping the world stay in some not totally insane range, so long as the letters are deeply constructive and NOT polarizing with anger and righteousness. This is where you are needed. Deep thought on what to say that MAY actually make an impact on the congressional reader who reads it as opposed to a knee jerk labeling of just another letter from an angry lefty. This is where i need your guidance because you are well read and informed in depths i do not know. Sincerely and with love Shoshana

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