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Featured --- Jewish Responses to the Climate Crisis

On September 20, 2019, the day set aside for the Climate Strike, Rabbi Waskow was in St. Louis, MO to teach and speak at the Central Reform Congregation. The generation of young people who organized the Climate Strike invited him to speak at the Strike gathering at City Hall, and invited a member of the congregation to blow the shofar.They introduced Rabbi Waskow as the featured and climactic speaker. Here is a video of what he said..

We Challenge the Carbon Pharaohs of Our Generation And We Seek to Create the Beloved Community. May Every Land and all of Earth become a Land of Promise!

During Passover/ Holy Week 2013, Reb Arthur addressed the Interfaith Moral Action on Climate gathering about the significance of the Passover story to Holy Week and to the pharaohs of our time: Big Coal, Big Oil, and Big Unnatural Gas.  This is video 2 of 3 for the offering. 

VIDEO: During the week before Passover/ Holy Week in 2013, Reb Arthur Waskow was arrested with other clergy and religious leaders at the White House while participating with Interfaith Moral Action for the Climate in a pre-Passover/ Holy Week interfaith service.  Beside him, waiting to be arrested a few minutes later, was Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, a member of The Shalom Center's Board and a member of the faculty of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. Click on the title or the triangle on the video pane to watch the two-minute video. Details of this action are located at

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