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Golden Calf

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The Shalom Center is inaugurating the GOLDEN  CALF AWARD,  to be presented to someone who has become a devout, persistent, and renowned idolator.

Today we are presenting one candidate. At the end of this report we will explain the next steps in making this award.  (A little suspense here, like the Oscars…)

Our first candidate:

SHELDON ADELSON: From Vegas to China to Tel Aviv to the White House?

In 1965, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote: “I am afraid of people who are never embarrassed at their own pettiness, prejudices, envy, and conceit, never embarrassed at the profanation of life…. There are slums, disease, and starvation all over the world, and we are building more luxurious hotels in Las Vegas.”  (See sources at the end of this Shalom Report.)

Written almost half a century ago, this passage could practically be a description of Sheldon Adelson, a present-day billionaire owner of gambling palaces in Las Vegas and Macau.

Adelson’s hotel casinos in Las Vegas became seed money
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