Toward a New Jewish Sexual Ethic

Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Late in March 2000, the Central Conference of American Rabbis — the Reform rabbinate — joined with the Reconsructionist Rabbinical Alliance and Ohalah/Association of Rabbis for Jewish Renewal in deciding to affirm and support those members who preside at the weddings of two men or two women.

Why is this happening?

The Emerging Torah of Same-Sex Marriage


The Supreme Courts of the United States and Massachusetts have drawn on secular concepts of liberty, privacy, and human rights to strike down laws against same-sex sexual relationships and marriages.

In response, the President and many members of Congress have invoked their own religious beliefs to propose a constitutional amendment that would outlaw not only same-sex marriage but civil union laws and civil-partnership laws as well.

How do we examine these questions from the standpoint of Torah?

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