Fourth of July

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07/04/18 July 4: What Might America Declare Today? CiviMail, Fourth of July, Spirituality of Justice
07/07/17 America: Celebration and Heartbreak in One Breath CiviMail, Featured, Fourth of July, Spirituality of Justice
06/30/16 July 4, 2016: Independence Now! from Corporate Domination Shofetim, CiviMail, Freeing Our Time, Fourth of July, Community, Earth, Justice, Peace
07/06/15 Declaration of Interdependence & Independence (2004) Fourth of July, Justice
07/14/13 My First Arrest: Gwynn Oak in Baltimore, 1963 Heart and Soul, Fourth of July, Justice and Race
05/27/10 Yankee Doodle, 2010 Global Scorching, Festivals, Life-cycle, & Climate crisis, Fourth of July
02/18/10 Making Passover, July 4, & Labor Day into ACTION-Festivals of Freedom & Justice Pesach, Globalization and Economic Justice, Fourth of July, Interreligious Relations, Seasons of American Sacred Time, World Empire
06/21/10 Haftarah for July 4: Declaration of Independence in Haftarah Chant Shofetim, Fourth of July, Jewish Renewal, Spirituality of Justice
06/14/10 An Old/New Song For American Independence: "Yankee Doodle" vs. Big Oil & Big Coal Festivals, Life-cycle, & Climate crisis, Fourth of July
07/08/08 "Certain Unalienable Rights": the Torah of July 4 Fourth of July
06/27/08 Emma Goldman: A New Declaration of Independence (1909) Fourth of July
06/27/08 Frederick Douglass: "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?" Fourth of July
06/27/08 Limiting the powers of a king: The Bible Fourth of July
06/27/08 Women's Declaration at Seneca Falls, July 4, 1848 Fourth of July
07/28/04 Declaring Interdependence:Renewing the 4th of July Community, Fourth of July, Seasons of American Sacred Time, Earth, Justice, Peace
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