Dayenu/More Than Enough

Kohenet Holy Taya Shere

Today we have a double portion of teachings. The first is a rendition of the song Dayenu, by Kohenet Holy Taya Shere, and the second, coming this afternoon, is a piece by Rabbi David Seidenberg. Enjoy!

Dreaming a deeper dayenu. A liberation lullaby. A loving~up libation. A transformation of tribal trauma. An affirmation of abundance here & now. A vision raising vibration. A path of presence, possibility, play and peace.


If only we be gentle and wise. 
If only we see through compassionate eyes. 
If only we free our true voice to rise. 

If only we protect earth mother. 
If only we respect sister and brother. 
If only we connect with each other. 

If only we flow forth in love. 
If only we know God below and above. 
If only we seed all we dream of. 

If only we emanate conscious vibes. 
If only we co-create with our tribe. 
If only we shift survive into thrive. 

If only we embody divine. 
If only we take our sweet time. 
If only we root as we climb. 

I am more than enough. 
You are more than enough. 
We are more than enough.

Author bio: 

Chantrika. Wild Earth Shebrew. Rav Kohenet. Embodying Judaism & the Sacred Feminine. 

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