New learning, New feeling, New celebrating

Are you exploring how to renew your thoughts, your feelings, your spirit -- your life? Then check out these books from The Shalom Center:

Have you and your brother, or your sister, been having problems with each other? Want to learn how two brothers-in-conflict became deep friends?

Then order the book Becoming Brothers by Howard Waskow & Arthur Waskow from The Shalom Center. Just $7.95 + pstg & handling (see below).

Want to understand the history and the spiritual meaning of those Jewish life-cycle ceremonies you attend, feeling puzzled all the time? Want to shape a ceremony of your own to celebrate a major change in your own life?

Then order the book A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven by Rabbis Phyllis Berman and Arthur Waskow. Just $9.95 + pstg & handling (see below).

Want to work out your own adult spiritual relationship to some of the most troubling and intriguing stories of the Hebrew Bible -- Joseph in the prison and the palace, Tamar seducing Judah by the roadside, bloody threads of Purim in our own generation, Isaac seeing Ishmael in his own mirror, unveiling the secrets of the Song of Songs, the spiral pathway toward messianic transformation? --

Then order the book Godwrestling – Round 2 by Rabbi Arthur Waskow. Just $9.95 + pstg & handling (see below).

Just print out this coupon, fill it out, and mail it to us with a check to The Shalom Center :


TO: The Shalom Center, 6711 Lincoln Drive, Philadelphia PA 19119.

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___ copies of Under Heaven @ $9.95 $ _____

___ copies of Godwrestling @ $9.95 $ _____

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Add $4.95 pstg /handlg for first book,
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