The Shalom Center's Work

The Shalom Center draws on Jewish and other spiritual wisdom to work with varied communities to seek peace, pursue justice, renew community, and heal the earth. We provide such resources as –-

  • Free biweekly email "Shalom Reports" of news and ideas on how to make visionary hope into practical change. To subscribe, click here;
  • New forms for festival, life-cycle, Shabbat celebration, & moments of prayer; new interpretations of Torah; new approaches to eco-kosher daily practice;
  • Opportunities to write Members of Congress and letters-to-the-editor about urgent public issues;
  • Public action (vigils, rallies, conferences) in coalitions seeking peace, justice, healing of earth.
  • Gatherings of small groups of leaders and thinkers for "seedbed conversations" on emerging issues;
  • "Tent of Abraham, Hagar, & Sarah" multireligious retreats looking toward interfaith dialogue and shared action;
  • Training institutes for a new generation of eco-Jewish activists to address public policy;
  • Telephone seminars, books, CD's, DVD's. art for religious & spiritual growth Click here:
  • Speakers/ teachers for congregations, interfaith gatherings, campuses, etc.;
  • Celebratory gatherings to honor Prophetic Voices of our generation.

For more information write, explore this Website, and subscribe here to the Shalom Report