#FreedomSeder50: Treasury of Films, Live-Streams, Articles, etc

The Shalom Center invites you to celebrate the Interfaith #FreedomSeder50 with us, during Passover or whatever time you set aside for reflection, commitment, and action.

  1. Browse or download the program booklet. 
  2. Gather some friends of any faith tradition. 
  3. Watch and share the videeo vignettes or the whole live-stream in your gatherings. 
  4. Consider contributing to the Shalom Center.
  5. Co-create freedom, justice, and healing of the Earth in your own way.
[ Above: Rev. Dr. William Barber and the wonderfully multiracial, multireligious, multigendered line-up of speakers and singers]

INTERFAITH FREEDOM SEDER + 50 VIDEO VIGNETTES with thanks to Bonfire Media Collective- Ben Felker-Quinn

To watch video clips, click on links below.

  1. Rabbi Waskow & Xavier Thomas: Elijah’s Covenant between the Generations, Sunrise Movement, & Green New Deal
  2. Rev. Liz Theoharis: I don't need to tell you we are living in a cruel & unjust society...
  3. Rev. Greg Holston: A child is a blessing... (On environmental racism causing deadly asthma in his own family)
  4. Rabbi Arthur Waskow: New Triple Alliance of White Nationalists:DC, Riyadh, Jerusalem
  5. Ana Maria Archila: 1 out of 5 women will experience rape...
  6. Rev. William Barber II: Only Prophets Can Stand Up Now...
  7. Rev. William Barber II: These are God’s Orders…
  8. Rabbi Arthur Waskow: What is this matzo?
  9. Rev. Rhetta Morgan: Singing "Go Down Moses"

LIVESTREAM FULL VIDEO OF INTERFAITH FREEDOM SEDER + 50 with thanks to Bonfire Media Collective - Maddie Taterka and Helyx Chase Scearce Horwitz

To watch full video, click triangle in the middle of the photo below.

PROGRAM BOOKLET PDF with thanks to Jim Gerhard, design & layout

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER ARTICLES with thanks to Ron Goldwyn, media coordinator

PHOTOS FROM APRIL 7, 2019 SHALOM CENTER FREEDOM SEDER + 50 with thanks to Ellie Seiff, photographer

[Below: Ana Maria Archila, Rev Rhetta Morgan, Rev.Greg Holston]

NOTES WITH TIME MARKERS FOR LIVESTREAM VIDEO with thanks to Arlene Goldbard, Shalom Center board president


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