"Elijah's Covenant" --New Rabbinic Statement on the Climate Crisis

For other materials on how to draw on Jewish and other spiritual/ religious wisdom to deal with the climate crisis of global scorching, see


Elijah’s Covenant Between the Generations

to Heal Our Endangered Earth:

A New Rabbinic Call to Action

On the Climate Crisis

 We Rabbis, Cantors, and other Jewish leaders and teachers,

see ourselves as the heirs of the ancient Hebrew Prophets,

including the last, whose words echo through the ages:

 “I [YHWH] will send you the Prophet Elijah to turn the hearts of

parents to children and the hearts of children to parents,

lest I come and utterly destroy the Earth.”

(Malachi 3: 2324)

 For the first time in the history of Humanity, we are actually moving toward the burning and devastation of the web of life on Earth by human action --  the unremitting use of fossil fuels. Our children and grandchildren face deep misery and death unless we act. They have turned their hearts toward us. Our hearts, our minds, our arms and legs, are not yet fully turned toward them.

Can we more fully turn our hearts to these our children?  It will mean:

1) Studying Jewish wisdom and today’s truest science of Earth-Human relationships;

2) Lifting up old prayers and new, old rituals and new, that celebrate Earth;

3) Welcoming refugees who have fled the storms, floods, and famines that beset their homes because of global scorching;

4) Urging our banks and our politicians to Move Our Money, Protect Our Planet (MOM/POP):  Move away from investments in and subsidies of Carbon Corporations and Protect by investing in renewable wind and solar energy;

5) Persuading ourselves and our congregations and communities to move our own money, create solar-energy coops, establish car pools to lessen reliance on gas, and adopt additional modes of kashrut to include foods and energy sources that heal, not harm, our planet;

6) Joining our young people in urging our governments to legislate a swift and massive program that intertwines ecological sanity and social justice, as they were intertwined in the biblical practice of the Shemittah/ Sabbatical/ Seventh Year. (Lev. 25 and Deut. 15)

7) Shaping all these efforts as expressions of joyful community, not fearful drudgery.

The nearest analog to that ancient Shemittah practice to have brought together the hearts and minds of Youth and Elders today is the “Green New Deal.” Among its urgent demands:

1) Swiftly end the burning of fossil fuels;

2) Provide millions of wellpaid new jobs to install the necessary network of renewable energy for an economy freed from the tyranny of carbon;

3) Sustain those workers whose jobs disappear as we move from the old economy to the new one;

4) Empower neighborhoods of color and of entrenched poverty, indigenous peoples, and other marginalized communities that have already been suffering the worst impacts of fossil-fuel harm and dead-end economic despair;

5) Reforest Earth and defend our natural wildlife refuges;

6) Take careful steps to restore a climate as lifegiving to our grandchildren as it was to our grandparents.

This social transformation is the fruit that can grow only from the roots of spiritual wisdom. We come back to the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit, the Interbreath. In planetary terms, that Interbreath is the interchange of Oxygen and CO2 that keeps animals and plants alive. It is precisely that Interbreath that is now in crisis, as the overmanufacture of CO2 by burning fossil fuels overwhelms the ability of plants to transmute the CO2 to oxygen – and thus heats, scorches, burns our common home.

Our sacred task requires affirming not only the biological ecosystem but also a cultural/ social ecosystem   the modern word for how the diverse Images of God become ECHAD. Jews, Indigenous Nations, Christians, Muslims, Unitarians, Buddhists, Hindus, and many others –each community must bring their own unique wisdom to join, in the Name of the ONE Who is the Interbreathing Spirit of all life. Whose universal Breathing is the “nameless name,” the “still small voice” that supports and suffuses all the many diverse Names of God in many cultures and communities. That Interbreathing Spirit supports and suffuses all life on Planet Earth.


(There are three lists of signers below. The first is the list of Initiating Signers. After that is a much longer list of additional signers and then a list of very recent signers whom we have not yet had time to integrate into the alphabetic list of Additional Signers. Below that third list is a link for new signers. If you are looking for a specific signer, please check all three lists. In all three lists, institutions are noted for identification only. In keeping with that understanding, officerships in those institutions are not noted.) 

Initiating Signers:

Rabbi Howard Avruhm Addison, Graduate Theological Foundation (Philadelphia)

Rabbi Katy Allen, Jewish Climate Action Network (Boston MA)

Rabbi Phyllis Berman, ALEPH Mashpiah Faculty (Philadelphia)

Rabbi Ellen Bernstein, Shomrei Adamah emerita (Western Mass)

Dr. Barbara Breitman, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (Philadelphia)

Rabbi Sharon Brous, Ikar, Los Angeles

Cherie Brown, National CoalitionBuilding Institute (Washington DC)

Rabbi Daniel Burstyn, Center for Creative Ecology, Kibbutz Lotan, Israel 

Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb, Interfaith Power and Light (Washington DC area)

Rabbi Elliot Dorff, American Jewish University (Los Angeles)

Rabbinic Pastor Kate Shulamit Fagan, Ohalah Rabbinic Pastor Program (Florida)

Rabbi Randy Fleisher, Central Reform Congregation (St Louis)

Rabbi Dr. Aubrey Glazer, Panui Institute & Shaare Zion (Montréal)

Rabbi Shefa Gold, CDEEP (Jemez Springs, New Mexico)

Arlene Goldbard, The Shalom Center emerita (New Mexico)

Rabbi Aaron Goldstein, Conference of Liberal Rabbis and Cantors, UK

Rabbi Arthur Green, Rabbinical School, Boston Hebrew College

Rabbi Yitz Greenberg, CLAL: National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership (NYC)

Rabbi Andrew Hahn, New Paltz, NY, United States

Rabbi Jill Hammer, Kohenet Institute

Rabba Sara Hurwitz, Yeshivat Maharat (Riverdale, NY)

Rabbi David Ingber, Romemu, New York City

Rabbi Jill Jacobs, Truah: A Rabbinic Call for Human Rights (NYC)

Rabbi Raachel Jurovics, OHALAH: Assn of Rabbis and Cantors for Jewish Renewal  (Greensboro NC)

Rabbi Levi Kelman,  Kol HaNeshama, Jerusalem, Israel

Hazan Jack Kessler, ALEPH Ordination Program (Philadelphia)

Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum,  Beit Simchat Torah, NYC

Dr. Joy Ladin, Stern College, Yeshiva University, NYC

Rabbi Michael Latz, Truah & Shir Tikvah, Minneapolis

Rabbi Michael Lerner, Tikkun (Berkeley CA)

Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (Philadelphia)

Rabbi Ellen Lippmann, Kolot Chayyeinu emerita (Brooklyn)

Yavilah McCoy, Dimensions Inc.  (NYC)

Ruth Messinger, American Jewish World Service  (NYC)

Rabbi Yonatan Neril, Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development, Israel

Rabbi Jeffrey Newman, Finchley Reform Synagogue, UK

Dr. Judith Plaskow, Manhattan College emerita

Rabbi Marcia Prager, ALEPH Ordination Program  (Philadelphia)

Rabbi Josh Rabin, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (NYC)

Rabbi Danny Rich, Liberal Judaism, UK 

Rabbi Jeff Roth, Awakened Heart Project

Rabbi David Saperstein  (Washington DC)

Nigel Savage, Hazon (NYC)

Rabbi Shalom Schachter, Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition, Ontario, Canada

Rabbi David Seidenberg, NeoHasid.org  (Mass.)

Rabbi David Shneyer, Am Kolel, Washington DC area

Rabbi Daniel Siegel, ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal (Canada)   (Vancouver)

Rabbi Hanna Tiferet Siegel, ALEPH Mashpiah Faculty  (Vancouver)

Rabbi Susan Talve, Central Reform Congregation, St Louis

Rabbi David Teutsch, Reconstructing Judaism  (Philadelphia)

Rabbi Arthur Waskow, The Shalom Center  (Philadelphia)

Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Reconstructing Judaism  (Philadelphia)

Rabbi Elyse Wechterman, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association

Rabbi Sheila Weinberg, Institute for Jewish Spirituality  (Philadelphia)

Joey Weisenberg, Hadar's Rising Song Institute  (Philadelphia)

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, Masorti Judaism UK 

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz, Uri L'Tzedek (New Mexico)
Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Mishkan Shalom, Philadelphia 

The additional signers are listed below. We welcome not only rabbis but also cantors, hazzanim/ot, chaplains, rabbinic pastors, kohanot, spiritual directors, and students actually enrolled in seminaries or similar training/ learning programs pointed at these roles.

To sign, the link is 


Additional Signers:

Dr. David Abram, Alliance for Wild Ethics (AWE) Santa Fe, 

Susan Raskin Abrams, ALEPH Board Wayland, MA United States

Cantor Nancy Abramson, Coll. of Jewish Music, Jewish Theological Sem, NYC, United States

Rabbi Susan Abramson, Temple Shalom Emeth Burlington, MA United States

Rabbi David Ackerman, Beth Am Israel Penn Valley, PA United States

Rabbi Richard Address, Jewish Sacred Aging Philadelphia, PA United States

Rabbi Alison Adler, Temple B'nai Abraham Beverly, MA United States

Rabbi Greg Alexander, Cape Town Progressive Jewish Congregation , 

Cantor Sheri Allen, Parttime Cantor, Congregation Beth Shalom Ft. Worth, TX United States

Rabbi Doug Alpert, Congregation Kol Ami Kansas City, MO United States

Rabbi Camille Shira Angel, University of San Francisco , CA, United States 

Rabbi Dov Arond, Jewish Spirituality Leadership Institute newton, MA United States

Rabbi Aryeh Azriel, URJ , 

Rabbi Lev Baesh, Rabbi Malden, MA United States

Rabbi Dr. Chava Bahle, Or Tzafon, Northern Light Spiritual Sanctuary Suttons Bay, MI United States

Rabbi Justus Baird, Shalom Hartman Institute of North America , 

Rabbi Sharon Ballan, Temple Beth Sholom of Flushing, NY ,  United States

Rabbi Benjamin Barnett, Havurah Shalom , 

Cantor Kathy Barr, ACC, WCN, ARC , 

Rabbi Lewis Barth, Hebrew Union College (Professor Emeritus) , 

Cantor Paula Baruch, Temple Anshe Sholom , 

Rabbi Eliot Baskin, Temple Emanuel Denver , 

Rabbi David Dunn Bauer, Easton Mountain,  Greenwich NY, United States, 

Rabbi Dennis BeckBerman, Petersburg, VA United States

Rabbi Birdie Becker, Temple Emanuel, Pueblo Centennial, CO United States

Kohenet Rakia Sky Beimel, Bat Chava ,  

Rabbi Laura Bellows, Prozdor of Hebrew College, MA , 

Rabbi James Bennett, Congregation Shaare Emeth Saint Louis, MO United States

Dr. Jeremy Benstein, The Heschel Center for Sustainability , 

Rabbi Philip Bentley, Jewish Peace Fellowship Hendersonville, NC United States

Rabbi Tiferet Berenbaum, Temple Har Zion, Mt. Holly, NJ, United States 

Kohenet Elizabeth Berger, Kohenet Institute Melville, NY United States

Cantor Elizabeth Berke, Anshe Emet Synagogue , 

Rabbi Allan Berkowitz, Faith in Action East Bay , 

Dr. Adam Berman, HaLev Rydal, 

Rabbi Donna Berman, Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford, CT, United States

Rabbi Marjorie Berman, Reconstructing Judaism Clarks Summit, PA United States

Rabbi Leila Gal Berner, ALEPH Dean of Students Frederick, MD United States

Rabbi Dr. Leila Gal Berner, ALEPH Ordination Program Rockville, MD United States

Rabbi Cecelia Beyer,  , 

Professor Arthur Bielfeld, Rabbi Emeritus, Temple EmanuEL, Toronto On Canada

Dr. Emily Blank, free lance cantorial soloist , 

Rabbi Dr. Barry Blum, RRA , Kona, HA, United States

Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal, Rabbinical Assembly , New York, NY United States

Rabbi Rena Blumenthal,  New Paltz, NY United States

Rabbi Lisa Bock, Sacred Spaces, Westlake Village, CA, United States

Rabbi Joshua Boettiger, Emek Shalom, Portland OR , United States

Rabbi Nilton Bonder, Jewish Congregation of Brazil and Midrash Cultural Center Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil

Rabbi Stephen Booth Nadav, Wisdom House Denver Denver, CO United States

Rabbi Barbara Borts, Newcastle University ,UK

Rabbi Anna Boswell Levy, Congregation Kol Emet, Yardley PA United States, 

Kohenet Leah Gayle Bourne, Ohavay Zion Congregation, Mashgiach & Kitchen Comm Chair Lexington, 

Kohenet Judith Breier,  , 

Rabbi Joshua Breindel, Congregational Beth El , 

Rabbi Philip Bressler, Beit Am  MidWillamette Valley Jewish Community, Corvallis, OR United States

Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor, Congregation Shirat HaYam, Nantucket MA United States

Kohenet Shoshana Bricklin, Esq., Mishkan Shalom Philadelphia, PA United States

Rabbi Deborah Brin, Nahalat Shalom Albuquerque, NM United States

Cantor Vera Broekhuysen, T'ruah and Temple EmanuEl of Haverhill, MA, United States  

Rabbi Caryn Broitman, Martha's Vineyard Hebrew Center, Vineyard Haven, MA United States

Rabbi Herbert Bronstein, CCAR, United States

Rabbi Rachel Brown, Beth Israel Synagogue, Roanoke, VA United States

Eleanor Brownstein, Germantown Jewish Centre Philadelphia, PA Brazil

Rabbi Yechiel Buchband, Valley Stream Jewish Center, Valley Stream, NY, United States

Rabbi Janet Burden, Ealing Liberal Synagogue, London, UK

Rabbi Lee Bycel, University of San Francisco Kensington, CA United States

Rabbi Meredith Cahn, Community School for Jewish Learning Petaluma, CA United States

Rabbi Nadav Caine, Beth Israel Congregation of Ann Arbor , 

Rabbi Adalah Caplowe, Ohr Nistar, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Rabbi Nina Cardin, Baltimore, MD, United States

Seminary Student Nachshon Carmi, Aleph Jewish Renewal , 

Rabbi Chavah Carp, Makor Of Albuquerque New Mexico , 

Rabbi Carie Carter, Park Slope Jewish Center Brooklyn, NY United States

Lisa Chernin, LICSW, Lexington, MA, United States

 Cantor Jack Chomsky, Cantor, Tifereth Israel, Columbus OH ,  United States

Rabbi Abby Cohen, Cedar Sinai Park, Portland OR United States

Rabbi Aryeh Cohen, Professor, American Jewish University , Los Angeles, CA, United States

Rabbi Howard Cohen, Congregation Shirat Hayam Bennington, VT United States

Rabbi Malcolm Cohen, Temple Sinai, Las Vegas, NV, United States

Spiritual Director Sarah Cohen, P’nai Or Jewish Renewal, AOP Philadelphia, PA United States

Rabbi Tamara Cohen, Moving Traditions Philadelphia, PA United States

Rabbi Elli Cohn, Gann Academy, Waltham MA, United States 

Rabbi Dr. Hillel Cohn, Rabbi San Bernardino, CA United States

Hazan Sanford Cohn, Emanuel Synagogue, West Hartford, CT, United States

Rabbi Neil ComessDaniels, Beth Shir Shalom Santa Monica, CA United States

Rabbi David J. Cooper, Kehilla Community Synagogue, Berkeley, CA United States

Rabbi Howard Cooper, Finchley Reform Synagogue, Barnet, HRT United Kingdom

Dena Crane, Ulster County, NY, United States

Rabbi Meryl Crean, Wesley Enhanced Living, Philadelphia Area, PA, United States

Rabbi David Curiel, Asiyah Jewish Community, Somerville MA , 

Rev. Dr. Richard Curtis, Educator, Seattle, WA, United States

Kohenet Rachel Dale

Rabbi Robin Damsky, In the Gardens, Director Melrose Park, IL United States

Rabbi Julie Danan, Pleasantville Community Synagogue Pleasantville, NY United States

Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, Temple B’nai Abraham, Millburn, NJ United States

Rabbi Jo David, Association of Rabbis and Cantors , 

Rachel Davidson, RRC, Rabbinical Student , Philadelphia PA, United states

Rabbi Melody Davis, Temple Covenant of Peace , 

Rabbi Nate DeGroot, Hazon Detroit , 

Rabbi JudiAhavah DelBourgo,

Kohenet Batya Diamond, Wilton (CT) Jewish Center, United States

Claire Diamond, Kohenet in training 

Dr. Christine Dietz, 2019 Johnston, IA, United States

Rabbi George Driesen, Retired , 

Rabbi Malka Drucker, Temple Har Shalom Santa Fe, NM United States

Rabbi JoEllen Duckor, Wellington, New Zealand Newtown, 

Rabbi Matthew Durbin, Temple Beit HaYam , 

Rabbi Doris Dyen, Makom HaLev Pittsburgh, PA United States

Rabbi Judith Edelstein, Rabbi Judith Edelstein & Jim Meier New York, NY United States

Rabbi Amy Eilberg, Pardes Rodef Shalom Communities Program Los Altos, CA United States

Cantor Roy Einhorn, Temple Israel, Boston, MA) United States

Rabbi Efraim Eisen, Springfield University Amherst, MA United States

Rabbi Edward Elkin, First Narayever Congregation , 

Rabbi Dov Elkins, The Jewish Center of Princeton NJ ,  United States

Rabbi David Ellenson, Hebrew Union College, Chancellor Emeritus New York, NY United States

Rabbi Diane Elliot, Wholly Present El Sobrante, CA United States

Rabbi Barat Ellman, Brooklyn,NY activist Brooklyn, NY United States

Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion Philadelphia, PA United States

Kohenet Rebekah Erev 

Rabbi Andrew Ettin, Temple Israel, Salisbury, NC Pfafftown, NC United States

Kohenet Ahava Lilith evershYne,  Tallahassee, FL United States

Rabbi Ted Falcon, Paths to Awakening Seattle, WA United States

Rabbi Susan Falk, Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY United States

Rabbi Charles Familant, Rabbi Stanford University Hillel (Emeritus) Menlo Park, CA United States

Rabbi Dr. Joshua Feigelson, Hillel International Skokie, IL United States

Rabbi Charles Feinberg, Interfaith Action for Human Rights, Executive Director , 

Rabbi Michael Feinberg, Greater New York Labor Religion Coalition New York, NY United States

Rabbi ZevHayyim Feyer, Chaplain Claremont, CA United States

Rabbi Brian Field, Judaism Your Way Denver, CO United States

Kohenet Keshira haLev Fife, Kesher Pittsburgh , 

Rabbi Brian Fink, Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan Brooklyn, NY United States

Rabbi Reuven Firestone, Hebrew Union College Los Angeles, CA United States

Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, Yesod Foundation Longmont, CO United States

Rabbi Jeff Foust, Bentley Univ Spiritual Life Center Newton Centre, MA United States

Rabbinic Pastor Estelle Frankel,  Berkeley, 

Rabbi Laurie Franklin,www.harshalom.org, Albany, CA, United States

Rabbi Ariel J Friedlander

Rabbi Lev Friedman, Azamra Minyan, Open Circle Learning, Hebrew College Waban, MA United States

Rabbi Shoshana Friedman, Hebrew College , 

Rabbi Pam Frydman, Congregation B'nai Emunah , 

Rabbi Gordy Fuller, Myfamilyrabbi.com Waco, TX United States

Rabbi Ruth Gais, Chavurat Lamdeinu, Summit, NJ, United States

Rabbi Jonah Geffen, Congregation Shaare Zedek New York, NY United States

Peter Geffen,  Kivvunim, NYC, United States

Rabbi Ruth Gelfarb, Synagogue of the Summit, CO Boulder, CO United States

Rabbi Gordon Geller, Shirat Hayam ,Ventnor, NJ, United states

Rabbi Laura Geller, Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills Rabbi Emerita Los Angeles, CA United States

Rabbi Everett Gendler, Phillips Andover Academy Great Barrington, MA United States

Seminary Student Miriam Geronimus, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Philadelphia, PA United States

Rabbi Gary Gerson, Oak Park Temple B’nai Abraham Zion, Oak Park IL United States  

Rabbi Sherril Gilbert, Montreal Open Shul Montreal, QC Canada

Rabbi Moshe Givental, Interfaith Power and Light Chicago, IL, United States
Rabbi Gordon Gladstone, Emeritus, Temple Beth Am, Bayonne NJ Springfield, NJ United States

Dr. Samuel Gladstone, Amherst, MA, United States

Rabbi Maya Glasser, Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple , New Brunswick, NJ, United States)

Rabbi Gary Glickstein, Temple Beth Sholom, Miami Beach, FL United States

Rabbi Bob Gluck, University at Albany Albany, NY United States

Rabbinic Pastor Andrew Gold, Aleph Las Vegas, NM United States

Rabbi Zelig Golden, Wilderness Torah Berkeley, CA United States

Rabbi Andrea Goldstein, Congregation Shaare Emeth St Louis, MO United States

Rabbi Hannah Goldstein, Temple Sinai ,Washington DC, United States

Rabbi Seth Goldstein, Temple Beth Hatfiloh Olympia, WA United States

Rabbi Mónica Gomery, SVARA & Kol Tzedek Synagogue Chicago, IL United States

Rabbi Maralee Gordon, McHenry County Jewish Congregation Woodstock, IL United States

Mitch Gordon, Sacred Drummer & Gesher: Building Bridges , Wayland, MA, United States

Rabbi Jennifer Gorman, MERCAZ Canada, Toronto ON Canada

Daniel Gottesman, P’nai Or

Rabbi Mel Gottlieb, Los Angeles, CA United States

Rabbi David Greenstein, Congregation Shomrei Emunah Montclair, NJ United States

Rabbi Dr. Rebekah Gronowski, Independent Interfaith Rabbi UK, RHR Edinburgh, ELN United Kingdom

Rabbi Nadya Gross, Yerusha , Colorado, United States

Rabbi Victor Gross, Yerusha President , Colorado, United States

Rabbi Amy Grossblatt Pessah, Aleph: AOP Boca Raton, FL United States

Rabbi Susan Grossman, Beth Shalom Congregation, Columbia MD, United States

Rabbi Steve Gutow, NYU New York, NY United States

Rabbi Andrew Hahn, Kirtan Rabbi, New Paltz, NY, United States

Kohenet Elyza Richmon HaLev, Beit Ohr, Oreget , 

Rabbi Denise Handlarski, SecularSynagogue.com , 

Rabbi Shoshana Hantman, Keneseth Israel, Allentown PA, United States

Igal Harmelin Moria, Spiritual Director,  NYC, United States

Rabbi Edwin Harris, Playa Vista Jewish Community Playa Vista, CA United States

Rabbi Maurice Harris, Reconstructing Judaism ,Wyncote, PA, United States

Rabbi Jill Hausman, Actors' Temple, NYC, United States

Rabbi Shai Held, Hadar, NYC, United States

Rabbi Corey Helfand, Peninsula Sinai Congregation Foster City, CA United States

Rabbi Eli Herb, Temple Beth Sholom , Salem, OR, United States

Rabbinic Pastor De Herman, Temple Emanuel Takoma Park, MD United States

Rabbi Howard Herman, Naples Jewish Congregation , 

Rabbi Rachel Hersh, Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation ,Bethesda, MD,  United States

Rabbi Patricia Adinah Hickman, Temple Israel of Brevard, Rabbi Cantor Satellite Beach, FL United States

Cantor Linda Hirschhorn, Temple Beth Sholom Oakland, CA United States

Dr. Kitty Hoffman, Academy of Jewish Religion , 

Jennifer Hoffmann,  Toronto, ON Canada

Rabbi Linda Holtzman, RRC, Philadelphia, PA United States

Rabbi Carla Howard, Jewish Healing Center Los Angeles, CA United States

Rabbi Mark Hurvitz, davka.org New York, NY United States

Rabbi Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin, Temple Beth Israel Eugene, OR United States

Rabbi Ivan Ickovits, Metivta Los Angeles, CA United States

Rabbi Shirley Idelson,  Leverett, MA United States

Rabbinic Pastor Eve Ilsen, ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal Boulder, CO United States

Spiritual Director Caroline Isaacs 

Rabbi Daniel Isaak, Congregation Neveh Shalom ,  United States

Rabbi Dr. Margaret Jacobi, Liberal Judaism , 

Rabbi Richard Jacobi, ELELS / Leo Baeck College, London, UK London, 

Rabbi Steven B. Jacobs,  Burbank, CA United States

Cantor Zoe Jacobs, Finchley Reform Synagogue, Reform Judaism UK , 

Rabbi Daria Jacobs Velde, Congregation Oseh Shalom, Silver Spring, MD United States

Rabbi Burt Jacobson, Kehilla Community Synagogue, Piedmont, CA, United States)

Rabbi Devorah Jacobson, Chaplain Amherst, MA United States

Rabbi Suzie Jacobson, Temple Israel, Boston Boston, MA United States

Mr. Michael Johnson, Mr. Ruther Glen, VA United States

Cantor Kate Judd, Brattleboro Area Jewish Community Brattleboro, VT United States

Rabbinic Pastor Shayndel Kahn, Blair Or of Boston Westford, MA United States

Rabbi Dr. Deborah KahnHarris, Principal, Leo Baeck College , UK 

Rabbi Rachel KahnTroster, T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights Teaneck, NJ United States

Rabbi Cassi Kail, Temple Beth El San Pedro, CA United States

Jeremy Kalmanofsky, Ansche Chesed  NYC, United States

Rabbi Min Kantrowitz, Shutafim,  New Mexico, United States

Rachel Kaplan, Rabbinical Student, Hebrew College, Boston MA, United States

Rabbi Rabbi Karp, Temple Beth El, Oneonta, NY New City, NY United States

Rabbi Nancy Kasten, Faith Commons Dallas, TX United States

Hazan Daniel Kempin, Egalitarian Minyan, Frankfurt, Germany , 

Rabbi Rabbi Kershenbaum,  , 

Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein, Philadelphia PA IPL, United States

Seminary Student Alanna Kleinman,  Philadelphia, PA United States

Chaplain Ann Kline, Ms. Kensington, MD United States

Rabbi David L Kline, NAORRR Brooklyn, NY United States

Rabbi Marc Kline, Monmouth Reform Temple Tinton Falls, NJ United States

Rabbinic Pastor David Daniel Klipper, ALEPH Ordination Program Provincetown, MA United States

Rabbi Michael Knopf, Rabbi, Temple BethEl , 

Debora Kodish,  Philadelphia, PA United States

Rabbi Debora Kohn, The Reutlinger Community Berkeley, CA United States

Rabbi Debra Kolodny, As the Spirit Moves Us Portland, OR United States

Hazan Kim Komrad, Kehilat Shalom Congregation, Gaithersburg, MD , 

Rabbi David Kosak, Congregation Neveh Shalom, Senior Rabbi Portland, OR United States

Rabbi Riqi Kosovske, Beit Ahavah Reform Synagogue of Greater Northampton MA United States

Rabbi Michael Kramer, Rabbi Hockessin, DE United States

Rabbi Barry Krieger,  Greenland, NH United States

Rabbi Suri Krieger, Bnai Or Jewish Renewal of Boston , 

Rabbi Alan Lachtman, URJ Pasadena, CA United States

Rabbi Enid C. Lader, ARC  Association of Rabbis and Cantors, President , 

Rabbi Howard Laibson, Congregation Shir Chadash,, Rabbi Emeritus Lakewood, CA United States

Rabbi Karen Landy, Havurat Shalom and Hebrew Sr Life , 

Rabbi Amichai LauLavie, Lab/Shul New York, NY United States

Rabbi Adam Lavitt, Hebrew Senior Life , 

Spiritual Director Julie Leavitt, Beth El Sudbury, MA Newton, MA United States

Gabriel Lehrman,  Cantorial Student, HUC, NYC, United States, 

Rabbi Shoshana Leis, Congregation Har Shalom Dobbs Ferry, NY United States

Rabbi Joshua Lesser, Congregation Bet Haverim Atlanta, GA United States

Kohenet Ketzirah Lesser, OneShul Washington, DC United States

Rabbi Moshe Levin, RA & Society Humanistic Judaism San Francisco, CA United States

Rabbi Mark Levine, Temple Emanuel, Beverly Hills, CA

Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater, Friends In Deed Pasadena, CA United States

Rabbi Yael Levy, Mishkan Shalom Philadelphia, PA United States

Rabbi Sheldon Lewis, Bend the Arc Palo Alto, CA United States

Rabbi Rebecca Lillian, Common Ground Malmö Chicago, IL United States

Cantor Abbe Lyons, Gilat Rina Ithaca, NY United States

Kohenet Juna Berry Madrone, Ashland OR United States

Nets Manela, Reisterstown MD, United States

Rabbi Harry Manhoff, Temple Beth Sholom, San Leandro, CA, United States

Rabbi Paula Marcus, Temple Beth El Aptos, CA United States

Rabbi Audrey Marcus Berkman, Temple Ohabei Shalom , 

Rabbi Natan Margalit, Organic Torah Newtonville, MA United States

Rabbi Marc Margolius, Institute for Jewish Spirituality New York, NY United States

Rabbi Susan Marks, New College of Florida , 

Rabbi Nathan Martin, Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light Philadelphia, PA United States

Rabbi José Rolando Matalon, B'nai Jeshurun, NYC United States

Rabbi Monique Mayer, Bristol & West Progressive Jewish Congregation, Port Talbot, UK

Rabbi Vivie Mayer, Reconstrctionist Rabbincal College, Philadelphia PA, United States

Ann McAndrew, Durham NC

Cantor Michael McCloskey, Temple Emeth ,

Rabbi Margot Meitner, Hebrew College & The Meeting Point Berkeley, CA United States

Hazan Harold Messinger, Congregation Beth Am Israel Merion Station, PA United States

Maggid Reb Melvin Metelits, P’nai Or Congregation Philadelphia, PA United States

Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyer, The Kitchen, RabbiHazan , 

Rabbi Abby Michaleski, RAPHA, The Center for Healing and Spirituality Voorhees, NJ United States

Rabbi Charles Middleburgh, Dean and Director of Jewish Studies, Leo Baeck College, London ,UK

Rabbi Tamara Miller, Temple Micah Washington, DC United States

SooJi MinMaranda, ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal Ann Arbor, MI United States

Rabbi Yocheved Mintz, Congregation P'nai Tikvah Las Vegas, NV United States

Rabbi David Mivasair, Ahavat Olam Synagogue Vancouver, BC Canada

Rabbi Shimon Moch, Denver, CO United States

Rabbi Lee Moore, Brattleboro Area Jewish Community Kent, OH United States

Kohenet Sarah Tziporah Moser, AJRCA , 

Rabbi Linda Motzkin, Temple Sinai Gansevoort, NY United States

Rabbi Tracy Nathan, Jewish Federation of St. Louis St. Louis, MO United States

Rabbi Hannah Nathans, HaMakor Center for Jewish Spirituality , Netherlands 

Rabbi Dev Noily, Kehilla Community Synagogue Piedmont, CA United States

Chaplain Leon Olenick,  Boynton Beach, FL United States

Rabbi David Oler, Congregation Kadima Deerfield, IL United States

Linda Oppenheim,

Rabbi Lee Paskind, Rabbinical Assembly, Teaneck, NJ, United States

Rabbi Shuli Passow, B'nai Jeshurun New York, NY United States

Rabbi Alexis Pearce, UCSD Health , San Diego, CA, United States

Rabbi Salem Pearce, T'ruah: Rabbinic Call for Human Rights New York, NY United States

Rabbi Hava Pell, RRA Camp Hill, PA United States

Rabbi Rene Pfertzel, Kingston Liberal Synagogue, London, UK

Rabbi Jehovah Phinias, The Grand Rebbe  New York City, United States

Cantor Daniel Pincus, NYC, United States

Rabbi Lucia Pizarro, Jewish Liberation Theology Institute , Toronto, Canada

Rabbi Dr. J. Adele Plotkin, Beit Torah Jewish Congregation , 

Rabbi Arnold Rachlis, University Synagogue Irvine, CA United States

Rabbi Dr. Joe Rapport, The Temple, Senior Rabbi ,  United States

Rabbi Victor Reinstein, Nehar Shalom Community Synagogue, Rabbi Jamaica Plain, MA United States

Chaplain Tivona Reith, Portland, OR, United States

Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben, Kehillat Israel Pacific Palisades, CA United States

Rabbi Rebecca Richman, Germantown Jewish Centre, Philadelphia PA, United States

Cantor Ken Richmond, Temple Israel Natick, MA United States

Rabbi Moti Rieber, Kansas Interfaith Action Overland Park, KS United States

Dr. Jerry Rivers, North American Climate, Conservation and Environment(NACCE), Roosevelt, NY United States

Cantor Jessi Roemer, Society Hill Synagogue , Philadelphia PA

Rabbi Gaylia R. Rooks, Rabbi Emerita, The Temple Louisville, KY United States

Rabbi Carnie Shalom Rose, Congregation B’nai Amoona, St. Louis,  MO, United States

Rabbi Joshua Rose, Shaarie Torah, Portland OR, United States

Rabbi Brant Rosen, Tzedek Chicago , 

Rabbi Aaron Rosenberg, Temple EmanuEl, Waterford, CT United States

Cantor Aviva K Rosenbloom, Temple Israel of Hollywood, CA Altadena, CA United States

Cantor Richard Rosenfield, Tikkun v'Or Ithaca, NY United States

Rabbi Jennie Rosenn, Dayenu; A Jewish Call to Climate Action

Rabbi Ken Rosenstein, Rabbinic Student, ALEPH Brighton, MA United States

Rabbi Jason Rosner, Temple Beth Israel of Highland Park and Eagle Rock , 

Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild, Lev Chadash Milano , 

Rabbi Robert Rottenberg, The Tiferet Center, Inc. Arcata, CA United States

Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein, Corabbi, Temple Sinai Gansevoort, NY United States

Rabbi Ruhi Sophia Rubenstein, Temple Beth Israel Eugene, OR United States

Kohenet SandraLaya Ruch, London, ON, Canada

Rabbi Ralph Ruebner, Skokie, IL, United States 

Rabbi Laura Rumpf, Peninsula Temple Beth El , 

Rabbi Bob Saks, Rabbi Emeritus  Cong. Bet Mishpachah University Park, MD United States

Seminary Student Frankie Salzman, Hebrew Union College  Jewish Institute of Religion , 

Rabbi Jan Salzman, Congregation Ruach haMaqom Burlington, VT United States

Kohenet Mei Mei Miriyam Sanford, West Point, VA United States

Rabbi Elizabeth Sarah, Brighton & Hove Progressive Synagogue , UK

Hazan Pamela Sawyer, San Francisco bay Area, CA, United States

Rabbi Eva Sax-Bolder, The Shul of New York, NY, NY United States

Rabbi Fabian Sborovsky, Assembly of Reform Rabbis and Cantors UK

Ms. Lynna Schaefer, Spiritual Director, Albany, NY, United States

Rabbi Chaim Schneider, Jewish Learning Center Aptos, CA United States

Rabbi Sunny Schnitzer, Bethesda Jewish Congregation Reston, VA United States

Rabbi Leslie Schotz,  , 

Cantor Anita Schubert, A Yidl Music, Coconut Creek, FL , 

Rabbi Avi Schulman, Temple Beth Torah , 

Kohenet Alumah Schuster, Kohenet priestess institute Cedarburg, WI United States

Rabbi Barry Schwartz, Green Faith rabbinic advisor , 

Dr. Richard Schwartz, President emeritus, Jewish Veg Teaneck, NJ United States

Rabbi Sid Schwarz, Hazon Rockville, MD United States

Rabbi Allen Secher, Retired Whitefish, MT United States

Rabbi Dr. Arthur Segal,Jewish Spiritual Renewal

Rebbetzin Ellen Segal, Jewish Spiritual Renewal

Rabbi Chaim SeidlerFeller, Hillel at UCLA Los Angeles, CA United States

Rabbi Gerald Serotta, Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington Chevy Chase, MD United States

Rabbi Drorah Setel, Temple EmanuEl Buffalo, NY United States

Rabbi Lori Shaller, Educating for Spirituality Oak bluffs, MA United States

Rabbi Susan Shamash, Independent Rabbi, Vancouver, BC, Canada Vancouver, BC Canada

Rabbi Mark Shapiro, Rabbi emeritus Sinai Temple , 

Rabbi Ben Shefter,  Hamilton, ON Canada

Rabbi Jeremy Sher, Kanfot Ha'aretz Oakland, CA United States

Rabbi Cantor Robbi Sherwin, Wood River Jewish Community, Ketchum, ID United States 

Rabbi Jessica Shimberg, Kehilat Sukkat Shalom, Columbus, OH, United States

Cantor Linda Shiver, Cong Neveh Shalom , Portland, OR, United States

Rabbi Linda ShrinerCahn, Congregation Tehillah Bronx, NY United States

Rabbi Burt Siegel, Jewish Life Experience , Greater NYC Area, NY, United States

Rabbi David Siff, Kol HaLev Boynton Beach, FL United States

Rabbi Gershon Silins, Norwich Liberal Jewish Community , 

Dr. Emily Leah Silverman, Graduate Theological Union , 

Rabbi Becky Silverstein, Pasadena Jewish Temple, Pasadena, CA, United States

Kohenet Kathryn Silverstein,  Coram, NY United States

Rev. McKinley Sims, Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration , 

Seminary Student Ada Luisa Sinacore, Hebrew Union College , 

Rabbi Suzanne Singer, Temple Beth El Oakland, CA United States

Rabbi Alanna Sklover, Or Hadash, Ft. Washington, PA United States

Rabbi Jonathan Slater, Institute for Jewish Spirituality, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY United States

Rabbi Dan Slipakoff, Temple Israel of Boston , MA, United states

Rabbi Ruth Sohn, Hebrew Union College Los Angeles, CA United States

Rabbi Felicia Sol, B’nai Jeshurun, New York, NY United States

Rabbi Eric Solomon, Beth Meyer Synagogue ,Raleigh, NC, United States

Rabbi Marc Soloway, Congregation Bonai Shalom Boulder, CO United States

Rabbi Robin Sparr, Temple Emanuel of the Merrimack Valley Lowell, MA United States

Rabbi Scott Sperling, Beth El Congregation. Winchester, VA, United States

Rabbi Toba Spitzer, Congregation Dorshei Tzedek, West Newton, MA United States

Kohenet Bekah Starr,  Beacon, NY United States

Rabbi Jacob Staub, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College Philadelphia, PA United States

Rabbi Erica Steelman,  Philadelphia, PA United States

Dr. Talia Stein, Parthenon-EY, Philadelphia PA, United States

Rabbi Naomi Steinberg, Temple Beth El, Eureka CA, United States

Rabbi Oren Steinitz, Congregation Kol Ami Elmira, NY United States

Rabbi George Stern, Reform, Retired Philadelphia, PA United States

Rabbi Kaya SternKaufman, Rimon Leominster, MA United States

Rabbi Sharon Stiefel, Mayim Rabim , 

Rabbi Jeffrey Stiffman, Emeritus Congregation Shaare Emeth , 

Rabbi Ariel Stone, TischPDX founder Portland, OR United States

Rabbi Louis Sutker, Or Shalom Victoria, BC Canada

Seminary Student Yoel Sykes, Nava Tehila Jerusalem,  Israel

Rabbi Robert Tabak, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association, Melrose Park, PA United States

Rabbi Larry Tabick, Shir Hayim  Hampstead Reform Jewish Community , London, UK

Rabbi Sarah Tasman, Tasman Center for Jewish Creativity, Washington DC, United States 

Cantor Rica Timman, Temple B’nai Torah , Wantagh, NY, United States

Shifrah Tobacman, Kehilla Synagogue, Piedmont, CA, United States

Rabbi Pete Tobias, The Liberal Synagogue Elstree , 

Rabbi Ellen Triebwasser,  Red Hook, NY United States

Seminary Student Lorin Troderman, Hebrew College , 

Rabbi Beni Wajnberg, Temple Beth Rishon , 

Rabbi Moshe Waldoks, Temple Beth Zion, Brookline, MA Brookline, MA United States

Cantor Risa Wallach, Temple Beth El, Jersey City , 

Rabbi Nahum WardLev, Scholar in Residence Temple Beth Shalom Santa Fe, NM United States

Rabbi Julia Watts Belser, Georgetown University Arlington, VA United States

Rabbi Seth Wax, Williams College , 

Rabbinic Pastor Ellen Weaver, RPA, IPL Philadelpha Philadelphia, PA United States

Rabbi Benjamin Weiner, Jewish Community of Amherst , 

Roslyn Weiner, Spiritual Director

Rabbi Jay Weinstein, Spiritual Leader, Congregation Simchat HaLev Syosset, NY United States

Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub, JACOB and ESAU New York, NY United States

Cantor Yosi Weintraub,  Newton Center, MA United States

Rabbi Josh Weisman, Kavana Cooperative Jamaica Plain, MA United States

Rabbi Micah Weiss, Reconstructing Judaism , 

Rabbi Ora Weiss, Hebrew College Newton Centre, MA United States

Rabbi Dr. Raysh Weiss, Beth El Yardley Yardley, PA United States

Rabbi Dr. Zari (Rabbi) Weiss, Kol HaNeshamah Seattle, WA United States

Rabbi Alex Weissman, Brown RISD Hillel , 

Rabbi Sarah Weissman, Congregation Beth Am , Los Altos, CA, United States

Seminary Student Alex Weisz, Academy for Jewish Religion California, United States

Dr. Norbert A. Wetzel, Princeton Family Institute, Cofounder Princeton, NJ United States

Rabbi Nancy Wienet, HUCJIR/NY New York, NY United States

Rabbi Robert Wolkoff, Congregation B'nai Tikvah, North Brunswick, NJ, United States

Rabbinic Pastor Sandra Wortzel, ALEPH Albion, CA United States

Professor Lori Wynters,  SUNY, New Paltz, NY, United States

Rabbi Samuel Yolen, CBI Lebanon PA , United States

Rabbi Sara Zacharia, postdenominational Newton, MA United States

Seminary Student Cat Zavis, Network of Spiritual Progressives, Berkeley, CA United States

Rabbi Elaine Zecher, Temple Israel of Boston Lenox, MA United States

Karen Zedeck, Ms. Narberth, PA United States

Rabbi Michael Zedek, Emanuel Congregation Chicago, IL United States

Rabbi Jonathan Zimet, ShirHashirim.org Philadelphia, PA United States

Rabbi Michael Zimmerman, Congregation Kehillat Israel, Lansing, Michigan, United States

Rabbi Rain Zohav, Jews of the Earth, Rockville, MD United States



Very Recent Signers

Rabbi James Greene, Springfield JCC, Springfield MA, United States

Rabbi David Lazar- Or Hamidbar, Palm Springs, CA United States

Rabbi Simon Stratford, Union for Reform Judaism, Frederick MD, United States

Rabbi Debra L Rappaport, Shir Tikvah, Minneapolis MN, United States

Rabbi Dr. Julie Danan, Pleasantville Community Synagogue, Pleasantville NY, United States

Rabbi Steve Segar, Shaker Heights, OH, United States

Rabbi H D Uriel Smith, Ohavay Zion Congregation, Masorti, Lexington KY United States

Rabbi Reba Carmel, Cheltenham Multifaith Council, PA, United States

Rabbi Fern Feldman, Havurat Ee Shalom, Santa Cruz CA United States

Rabbi Margie Jacobs, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association, Berkeley CA United States

Cantor George Henschel, Kol HaLev Synagogue Community, Baltimore MD United States

Rabbi Ruth Gan Kagan, Nava Tehila, Jerusalem, Israel

Rabbi Larry Sernovitz, Nafshenu, Cherry Hill, NJ, United States

Rabbi Darby Leigh, Kerem Shalom, Waban MA, United States

Rabbi Laurie Hahn Tapper, Yavneh Day School, Redwood City CA, United States

Rabbi Joe Blair, Temple Israel, Charleston WV, United States

Hazan Ari Priven, Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, NYC, United States

Rabbi Uri Lam, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Rabbi Erin Glazer, B'nai Jeshurun, NYC, United States

Rabbi Anne Brener, Academy for Jewish Religion California, Los Angeles CA United States

Rabbi Ilan Glazer, Our Jewish Recovery, Silver Spring MD, United States

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