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*The Shalom Report   Updates from Rabbi Arthur Waskow typically go out 1 time/week. 
Action Alert Activists    
empty record   Smart group for catching empty records (uploaded because a part of Civis importing update glitch. 
All donors   Smart group which contains anyone who has made a donation between $1-$200,000. 
Religious leaders   Religious leaders not in other groups 
Email is null   Smart group of primary e-mail is null 
Live in Israel   Country = Israel 
Opt-outs   Smart group of User Opt-Outs for use in deduping; Parent = Maintenance group; NOT a mailing list so AW does not use 
All Donors Really   Contacts with donations greater than -$999,999,999 and less than $999,999,999 
Unheld   Records that were unheld during 2018 February-April in batches of 800/ week; will result in high number of bounces; those that return to On hold should be treated as in actions 2.1 and 2.2 on CiviCRM clean up log 

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