Tales of the Spirit Rising Told by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

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My friends have persuaded me that stories I have thought of as a book would be wonderful to share with you as –- stories! Real stories filled with real hope!

I have been collecting from my life and the lives of my friends what I call Tales of the Spirit Rising: tales of spiritual growth in ourselves, our communities, our countries.

Moments to give us new hope –- real hope out of real life -- in an age that is ragged with fear, anger, even despair.

I have been thinking of these as a book. But when I have gotten a chance to tell the stories, people have kept telling me – “You’re a great story-teller! These are stories to tell around a modern campfire like Zoom, stories where the listeners will want to join and comment and explore.”

So I began to imagine and enjoy what that would feel like -- To listen to each other– an even better word, to hearken -- with the real organ of hearing – our hearts, not just our ears – and then to join in the telling.

What better time to do this than a summer when we are venturing out once more to a restaurant, a friend’s house, a beach, a park, even a sidewalk filled with faces?

So I am going to begin with five weekly gatherings. In each one, I will tell two or three stories around a specific theme, and then invite a conversation: a story of your own life that my story sparks, a question, a laugh, some tears. You can register for taking part by clicking here: These “campfires” will happen on the Wednesday evenings of August 4, 11, 18, and 25, and September 1, 7:30-9PM EDT.

There will be a contribution to meet the costs of doing this and to help support The Shalom Center ‘s work: : $90 for the series, $25 for those who can’t afford the regular fee, and $120 for those who can afford more, so as to help make the lower fee possible.

The sessions will be recorded, so if a participant has to miss a session, it will still be available. The number of people will be limited, so that we can have a real conversation.  So register now!

May our spirits rise together! --  Arthur <--break->

August 4th, 2021 7:30 PM to September 1st, 2021 9:00 PM
Anywhere by internet
United States
Event Fee(s)
At present I cannot afford the regular contribution and at the same time want to engage with this learning $25.00
Suggested Contribution to The Shalom Center $90.00
I want to make a larger contribution, especially to help The Shalom Center meet necessary expenses while also making it possible for people to take part who cannot afford the regular contribution $120.00