Aug 11-15 Lab led by Reb Arthur & Nili Simhai of Teva in "Healing the Earth as a Jewish Spiritual Practice.”

Action Description: 

Aug. 11-15, at Hazon/ Isabella Freedman retreat center in Connecticut (Elat Chayyim division), Reb Arthur Waskow will join with Nili Simhai, founder  of Teva Learning Alliance (for bodily experiential learning of the Torah of the Earth – a wonderful success with teens who learned and teachers who also learned) to lead a “laboratory” in  “The Prophetic Voice: Healing the Earth as a Jewish Spiritual Practice.”

This lab will explore how Jewish eco-activists could work in the “Four Worlds” of reality (spiritual, intellectual, emotional/ ethical, and physical), drawing on Jewish thought and practice to help move the world away from climate catastrophe and toward a world of just, shared, and sustainable abundance. For more information and to register, click here to see

Background Information: 

The Lab will explore:
 1.    Spiritually, creating new forms of prayer, meditation, and celebration that draw us into fuller awareness of the interweaving of all life.
2.    Intellectually, integrating both direct experience of Nature and ecological science – the science that integrates the two Trees of Eden (the Tree of Flowing Life and the Tree of Distinction-making) —   into what we teach and learn as sacred Torah.
3.    Emotionally and ethically, developing a “sacred political activism” (Heschel’s “my legs were praying”) by which to move and engage people in changing public and corporate policy and action. 
4.     Physically, hands-on action and daily eco-kosher practice to green synagogues and other Jewish homes, buildings, transportation, etc. and to point toward caring consumption of food and other earth-products (energy, etc) in an eco-kosher way.




Jewish and Interfaith Topics: