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Ushpizin Posters

1. James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner (JPG)

2. Heather Booth (JPG)

3. Charles McDew, Fannie Lou Hamer, Bob Moses (JPG)

4. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (PDF)

5. Roy Wilkins, A. Philip Randolph, Arnold Aronson (PDF)

1-3. Ushpizin Posters 1-3 above (PDF)

1-5. Ushpizin Posters 1-5 above (PDF)


Sukkah Values Essays

Plan now - Share Sukkot: Grow the Vote by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Spread over All a Sukkah of Shalom by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Sukkot Values: Shalom, Iran, Nuclear Weapons, and Sukkot by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

The Ancient Refugees who got to Share Sukkot by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Sukkot Cultural Tools

Sukkah of Shalom songsheet

Get Out the Vote Tools   :League of Women Voters

“Retail” voter registration (i.e., you in front of the local market with a clipboard and forms) is time-consuming and not that productive. You might focus on “wholesale” strategies such as fully and effectively implementing the Motor Voter Act, working with social service agencies to register their clients as promoted by Nonprofit Vote, and engaging youth-oriented groups to register new voters. 


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